Frequently Asked Questions

Is there fuel available?

Diesel is restricted to Club members only. Kawau Island Boating club sell diesel and petrol in summer.

Is there a restaurant?

Yes, Kawau Bay Kitchen.  It is open from Thursday to Sunday from midday till late.  You can book online at or phone Christina on 021 161 5045.  The restaurant is closed throughout July reopening on 2 August 2018.

Is there public transport into the towns?

There is no public bus service. Phone 027 272 5302 or 09 422 2244 for  taxi service.

Are there sewerage pumpout facilities?

There is a portable pumpout service.

Can supplies be purchased locally?

Limited supplies such as bread, milk etc are available from the Sandspit Holiday Park.

Is the trailer boat ramp open to the public?

Yes, at a charge of $10 per launch and $10 to retrieve. An EFTPOS machine beside the ramp allows 24 hour access to the all tide boat ramp. There is free parking close by on Brick Bay Drive.

Sailing Club Sandspit