Rent a Berth

To rent a berth at Sandspit Marina on either a long or short term basis, please follow these steps:


1. Check the Marina rates below:

(PLEASE NOTE: These rates are recommended rates only.  Each berthowner has the right to specify their berth’s individual rental rate, either above or below the rates listed below).
Increased recommended rates as from 1 April 2022
12m            daily (1-4 days including power) – $50       daily (4+ days) – $35      monthly – $860
12m cat     daily (1-4 days including power) – $55       daily (4+ days) – $45      monthly – $1145
14m            daily (1-4 days including power) – $65       daily (4+ days) – $45      monthly – $1145
14m cat     daily (1-4 days including power) – $65       daily (4+ days) – $50      monthly – $1285
16m            daily (1-4 days including power) – $90      daily (4+ days) – $50      monthly – $1285
18m            daily (1-4 days including power) – $90      daily (4+ days) – $60      monthly – $1560

2. Read the Marina Rules and the Terms of Rental Agreement


3. Fill in the Contact Form

Please note: ‘outer dimensions’ means the extreme width and length, including all extensions and overhangs such as outboards, anchor winches and prods. No part of any vessel using the berth can exceed the licensed dimensions of the berth.


The marina staff will contact you and try and place you in a berth. If that is not possible you may choose to go on a waiting list for future vacancies.


Once you have been allocated a berth you will be asked to:

  1. Fill out the emailed Berth Rental Agreement
  2. Provide proof of insurance with $5 million public liability cover
  3. Provide proof the vessel has been antifouled less than 6 months ago or hull cleaned less than 1 month ago.
  4. Provide proof of a current electrical warrant of fitness (EWOF) and current lead test tag if you intend to connect to shore power.
  5. Download the INuGO Parking APP ready for access permission
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Full payment is to be made in advance for stays of up to four weeks. For longer stays, we request payment by direct debit. For short term rentals we accept Visa and Eftpos, and payments can be made online or at the Marina office.

For online payments Sandspit Marina’s bank account : ASB 12-3095-0262620-00

Visitors must report on arrival and departure.  If the office is not advised of departure ongoing charges will occur.