Short Term Pier

Limited short term, by the hour, berthing is available with prior arrangement for vessels 10m or less beside the launching ramp inside the marina area on G Arm. (area C on map) It is only available Monday to Thursday excluding Public holidays. Vessels must not be left unattended Friday to Monday to prevent launching and retrieval congestion around the ramp.

With prior arrangement with the Marina office, smaller boats up to 8.0m may also able to tie up on the outside of G Arm and charged at a per calendar day rate although access to and from this area may be tidal dependent (area A restricted to small dinghies/tenders up to 3.8m and 1.5m beam max, and area B and area D restricted to vessels up to 8.0m). Contact the office for any enquiry.

All vessels must be registered with the Marina office prior to tying up or an additional administration charge will be added to your day charge. Please contact the marina office to register your vessel.

All those tying up in this area of the marina must also adhere to and maintain the clean hull policy and have boat insurance with Third Party cover to $5m. A current certificate of insurance must be presented to the Marina office on booking and a updated with a policy renewal. 

Payment is in advance with any outstanding accounts settled prior to departure. No berth lines are provided.  Overnight stays onboard boats on any part of G Arm are not permitted.

Daily rates

Light Blue Zone A$5 per day or part thereofRestricted to dinghies/tenders up to 3.8m and 1.5m beam max
Purple Zone B$12.50 per day or part thereofKawau Residents Only. Restricted to runabouts up to 7m in length and to 3 consecutive days maximum. Boats must display a Marina Boat # obtained from the Marina Office.
Yellow Zone C$5 per hour (1-3 hours) or $30 per dayRestricted to vessels 12m in length max and for short stays. Unavailable Friday to Sunday year-round or public holidays.
Green Zone D$22.50 per day or monthly by arrangementRestricted to vessels up to 9.5m